2023 The Wizard of Oz

In January 2023 we went on a magical and fantastical trip over the rainbow to the Emerald City to visit The Wizard of Oz. We were not disappointed as Dorothy and Toto found themselves transported to a magical land full of munchkins, wicked witches, a scarecrow, tin-man, and cowardly lion. Not forgetting Auntie Em (Dame Emelina Gale) and her trusty farmhand Billy.

As a show that had previously not been attempted by the Society, this show had everything. A yellow brick road, a house that blew over in the hurricane, the Wicked Witch of the West’s castle, the amazing Emerald City. The costumes were designed and brilliantly executed by our amazing wardrobe team. The sets were creatively constructed and manoeuvred by our wonderful backstage crew. Everything was suitably lit by our talented lighting team.

Our cast and crew pulled out all the stops to create yet another spectacular production that had audiences buzzing with excitement and leaving the village hall with faces full of joy.

Below are a selection of images from our publicity photo night and also from the performances.

All images © Hutton Rudby Dramatic Society; photography by Paul Harrow & Jonathan Wyllie