2022 Red Riding Hood

In January 2022 we made a very welcome return to the stage with our live performances of Red Riding Hood. Our production, written by Long and Rawnsley, told the story of Red Riding Hood. It is set in an orphanage. In a village called Birchwood. Red Riding Hood is one of the orphans. Squire Bullymore is the cruel benefactor of the orphanage. He is preventing Red Riding Hood from leaving the orphanage so that she doesn’t meet up with her childhood sweetheart Peter the Wood Cutter.

Granny Knott is a widow from a neighbouring town. She has travelled to Birchwood by stagecoach to find a girl from the orphanage who she can adopt as the granddaughter that she never had, having been bequeathed a cottage and a large sum of money from her previous employer.

The Squire’s ambition is to become the new Lord Mayor of Birchwood, but this can only be bestowed upon the person who has slain the Wicked Wolf who has been terrorising the village. Peter also has plans to become the new Lord Mayor of Birchwood.

Images courtesy of Mikey Beard