2015 Local Vengeance

There was a sell-out at the June 6th murder mystery evening for a performance of ‘Local Vengeance’ by John Owen Smith. The cast of ten was very focussed throughout rehearsals which made the job of the co-directors, John Autherson and Barry Holley, very straightforward. Their performance on the night was excellent with not a prompt required. Each succeeded in effectively developing their character and hinting at some very intriguing relationships along the way.

With minimum sets and lighting the production itself was very unpretentious but appropriate. Again everyone involved on the technical side including our costume team and jack Butler in the lighting box really did the business. Joy Barthram and her team were superb in providing an excellent three-course meal with coffee which was prepared and served in a very brisk and efficient manner. This was done all the better in view of the fact that some of the scenes were very brief and the intervals were all unpredictable in both duration and content!

A vote of thanks is also due to the front of house staff, the bar team and those who provided publicity and sold tickets. The attendance was clearly helped by the good cause the event supported, the Sycamore Tree Project; there is no doubt that this factor also helped to promote the very strong sense of community which was apparent in the audience’s positive reaction to the whole evening.

The great news is that we raised £1550 for the project. And the fact that the solution to the whodunnit remained a mystery to every team in the hall added to that special frisson which we all love to provide!