Auditions – Murder Mystery

We are very excited to announce details of our next production.

In September we are looking to perform a murder mystery show. “Blue Murder at the Blue Parrot”. We’re planning on it being an amazing spectacle.

It’s the roaring twenties and new nightclubs are opening every week in London. Despite the buzzing social scene and popularity of jazz music, Soho nightclub owner Harry Ferrari is trying to find a way to save his Blue Parrot nightclub from going under. He has borrowed money from anyone and everyone, making and breaking promises. Womanising as he goes. What could possibly be the outcome…

We are looking for actors to play the following roles:

Harry Ferrari (M)
Italian owner of the Blue Parrot. Married to Mollie. Harry sees himself as a wealthy Sicilian who has made good. He is a womaniser and a gambler. He has borrowed money from family, friends, and customers over the years. He owes money to rival Italian club owner Giuseppe Dulce, with whom there is a family history. Harry is a singer and opened the Blue Parrot. Harry’s manager, Suzie Aringa, is also his mistress.
Has a short solo song and will be in final song and dance with everyone

Ruby Redd-Berring (F)
Club singer Ruby had a fling with Harry Ferrari when she was younger. She loaned Harry money on the premise that she and her older sister rose would sing at the club and that the loan would be repaid. To be played as a comedy role – her dancing and singing skills are past their best and it shows.
Singing or dancing most/all numbers

Rose Redd-Berring (F)
Club singer Rose is Ruby’s older sister. She also loaned Harry money on the promise that she would have a job as a singer at the Blue Parrot. To be played as a comedy role – her dancing and singing are past their best and it shows.
Singing or dancing most/all numbers

Mollie Ferrari (F)
Harry’s long-suffering wife. Married to Harry and aware of his womanising and gambling. Mollie hates the club, but gave her inheritance to Harry with the proviso that he doesn’t employ young singers or dancers.
Final song and dance after bows

Penny Pincher (F)
Harry’s sister-in-law, Mollie’s older sister. A single woman and bitter, she speaks her mind. She hates Harry with a passion.
Final song and dance after bows

Suzie Aringa (F)
Suzie is manager at the Blue Parrot nightclub, and Harry’s current mistress. She has been having an affair with Harry for five years. An assertive businesswoman, Suzie is determined to own her own club one day.
Dancing and singing backing possibly…

Johnny Walker (M/F)
Harry’s financial advisor is a quiet man. He constantly reminds Harry to cut back on his spending.
Final song and dance after bows

Giuseppe Dolce (M/F)
Giuseppe is the Italian owner of a rival nightclub, The Candy Club. Although Giuseppe is known as the Sweet Man, he is feared in Soho and runs a protection racket. His family are also from Sicily and have a vendetta with the Ferraris. Giuseppe is determined to put Harry out of business.
Final song and dance after bows

Alice Butler (F)
A former customer, Alice has been working as a hostess at the Blue Parrot for a few months.
Dancing and singing backing possibly…

Detective Inspector Mayday (M)
Although hapless, he manages to solve the crime through sheer luck, but puts it down to good policing. A comedy role.
Final song and dance after bows.

We are also looking for supporting cast members to play the roles of additional employees at the Blue Parrot, who will perform dance numbers within the audience

Auditions will take place on Tuesday 30th May and Thursday 1st June. The start time for the auditions is 8.00 pm and we will aim to conclude each evening by 9.30 pm. Anyone wishing to take part in the production is requested to attend both audition dates. The auditions will be taking place at Hutton Rudby Village Hall in the main hall.

Rehearsals will start on Tuesday 4th July at 8.00 pm, and will continue every Tuesday and Thursday through the summer months until our performance dates of Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September. We are aware that we will be rehearsing during the summer vacation period. We are able to accommodate short periods of absence during this time as long as we have been given as much notice as possible to allow us to make suitable arrangements for each rehearsal. We will require everyone involved in the production to be available for our final rehearsal dates and for the performance dates.

If you have any questions that have not been answered in the details above please contact us using our email address and we will respond as soon as possible. Our contact email address is [email protected] – please put the words Blue Parrot in the subject of your message to help us find and respond to your enquiry.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our first audition evening on Tuesday 30th May at 8.00 pm.

Hutton Rudby Dramatic Society is an amateur theatre and dramatics group. We are run by a team of volunteers and members. We are always pleased to welcome new members to our group, and would be delighted to see new people attend our auditions evening. If you don’t wish to star on the stage but would like to get involved in other areas, either with backstage work or costumes or technical assistance or front of house – we’d love to meet you and get you involved. Putting on a production takes many different skills and we have opportunities for everyone to get involved with whatever their interest within the theatre community is.